– Valentina does not use Auto-Tune –



Track listing:

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Julia
  3. Merlin the Magician
  4. Morning Has Broken
  5. Oh My Beloved Father
  6. The Hymn
  7. The Meeting – L’Incontro Bonus Tracks:
  8. La Bambloa Di Pezza (Studio)
  9. Le Sirene Di Nettuno (Studio)
  10. Volano Le Farfalle (Studio)
  11. Fantasmi (Studio)

DVD 1. Pachelbel Canon in D 2. Morning Has Broken 3. Catherine of Aragon/Catherine Howard 4. Amazing Grace 5. And You And I/Wonderous Stories 6. Oh My Beloved Father 7. Dance of A Thousand Lights 8. Julia 9. Help/Eleanor Rigby 10. The Hymn 11. Space Oddity/Life on Mars 12. Merlin the Magician 13. The Meeting/L’Incontro 14. After the Ball Bonus Tracks 15. La Bambola Di Pezza



with RIck Wakeman

La bambola di pezza

music by Bruno Rubino arr. by RIck Wakeman


live in Taormina (Italy) 2016

Morning has broken

live in Taormina (Italy) 2016

The Meeting" / "L'incontro

live in Taormina (Italy) 2016 "L'incontro" lyrics by Bruno Rubino

Amazing Grace

live in Taormina (Italy) 2016

The Hymn

live in Taormina (Italy) 2016

Merlin the magician

live in Taormina (Italy) 2016

O My Beloved Father

singing along Rick Wakeman's piano track

with David González

Excerpts from the 2023 concert at La Llotja, Elche (Spain)

with Nick Pullin (Ilya)

No More

written, produced and mixed by Nick Pullin

with Fiaba

All I ask of you / Phantom of the opera

Live in Spain 2014

Hijo de la luna

Live in Spain 2014

Un incantesimo dischiuso tra i petali del tempo (cover)

Live Spain 2014

Volano le farfalle

Live Spain 2014

Hijo de la luna

Live in Spain 2014

The Phantom of the opera

Playing Karaoke with Giuseppe Brancato

a tribute to jon anderson

Show me

guitar by Massimo Catena

a tribute to Ennio Morricone


home recording Oct 2022

with massimo zaffiro

Il sogno di volare

Live in SIcily 2010

la piuma

music by Massimo Zaffiro

My one and true love

Live in SIcily 2010

various appearances

"Wuthering heights" Cover Kate Bush

Live in Italy 2010 - Keyboard Antonio Saladino

"Vacanze romane" COVER Matia Bazar

LIVE IN ITALY 2010 - KEYBOARD ANTONIO SALADINO​ - Violin Giovanni cucuccio

"Historia de un amor" cover Guadalupe Pineda

LIVE IN ITALY 2010 - KEYBOARD ANTONIO SALADINO​ - Violin Giovanni cucuccio

"Your Love" cover e.Morricone

Live in Spain 2018

"parla piú piano (il padrino)" Theme from Godfather

live in Spain 2017

"memory" cover Barbra streisand

Live in Spain 2018

"Alfonsina y el mar" cover Ariel Ramírez

Live in pedagaggi 2017

"the voice" cover eimear quinn

Live in pedagaggi 2017

"con te partirò" cover Andrea Bocelli

Live in pedagaggi 2017

some internationals evergreen songs

Live in Spain 2015

"rise like a phoenix" cover conchita wurst

guitar by Pietro Blanca

"I will always love you" cover Whitney Houston

Live in spain 2012


Valentina was born in Catania (Italy) surrounded by music. A family of musicians, her father a flute teacher and her mother an opera singer at Massimo V. Bellini theatre, infused her with an immeasurable love for music. At the age of 8 she started studying the violin with her aunt Aida and in the meantime joined the "Gaudeamus Igitur Concentus" children’s choir with which she took part in various operas (Boheme, Carmina Burana, Carmen, Pagliacci, etc.). Her love for Belcanto continues to grow. At 16 she amplified her musical repertoire, performing in numerous concerts of pop music, bossa nova and jazz, highlighting a clear, sweet voice, with great extension and perhaps a little retro that bewitched the public. A few years later, she decided to study opera singing, achieving her Diploma at the Catania Conservatory. In Italy she collaborated with high-level musicians and performed in various concerts. She met Jon Anderson, with whom she began to experiment with some songs as a duo as well as with Rick Wakeman right after, beginning a collaboration for the release of her first album "The rag doll" (still under development) written by Bruno Rubino (composer and drummer of Fiaba) and arranged by Wakeman himself. In 2012 from Bristol, Nick Pullin (of the Ilya group), wrote various songs ad hoc for her voice which evolved to the creation of a side project for another album. In 2013 she made her debut in Krakow, as a professional singer, in front of an audience of over 10,000 people, for the acrobatic show “Voalà”. In February 2014 she began her collaboration with the rock-medieval band Fiaba with which she performed in a mini tour with the concert "Rock Meets Opera", in Spain and in Italy, obtaining wide acclaim from audiences and critics. In November 2014, together with Fiaba, she shared the stage of the biggest theatre in Italy (in Milan), with PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM) and LE ORME, on the occasion of the 2014 Prog Exhibition. In July 2016 she performed in concert with Wakeman at the Greek Theater of Taormina and again in 2018 at the Gran Teatro of Elche (Spain). In Octubre 2022 the - RICK WAKEMAN & VALENTINA BLANCA "Life from Elche" (CD + DVD) has been released. ...to be continued